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Pi Network

The phenomenal crypto project


When Bitcoin was worth just a cent, only few people believed in its future. So many have missed an enormous opportunity. However, there are many cryptos that are only worth cents today. Do alts cryptos offer the same opportunity as Bitcoin back then? Technologically definitely, because many cryptos even have better technology than Bitcoin. So Bitcoin isn't so successful because it has the best technology, but because Bitcoin is the most famous, everyone knows Bitcoin. It was the very first crypto and therefore the media drew attention to it and made it known.


So if a crypto wants to be a serious competitor to bitcoin, then the crypto in question must become popular. And that no longer works like it worked with bitcoin. Therefore no crypto projects should wait to be discovered by the media, this will not happen. Instead, each project has to do its own marketing and make known itself and the cryptos are doing this more and more through marketing concepts e.g. the stacking. 

But there is a new project named Pi Network that has the goal from the beginning to inspire the masses and that works really well. This project was created by 3 Stanford graduates and they said to themselves: Let's not reinvent the wheel, because very good and proven blockchain technology already exists enough. Instead, they said, let's focus on how we bring people closer to the benefits of our coin, let's gain people's attention. And then they had a brilliant idea. They thought that a very quick way for people to understand their advantage is to get something for free. So they decided to give everyone the opportunity to mine coins totally free, so free of charge and without any consumption of electricity or computer resources. And Pi only can be mined during the development phase, so after market launch there will be not coin inflation. 

Everyone can get Pi for free. Just download the following app and register with your invitation code.
App: "
Pi Network"  

Invitation code: "cryptomateria"

The possibility to mine hit like a bomb. Because after only one year the Pi Network Community has grown to over 35 million and every day there are many new members who mine coins while Pi is even not on the market. So at the time of the market launch, there will be many more million people who will own Pi. This will probably be an incredible strong community. Just for comparison: There are currently around 100 million Bitcoin owners. However, Bitcoin needed 12.5 years after his market launch to win so many owners. The Pi community will be of a big size right from the market start. This is a sensation!

No big crypto platform can ignore this Pi community. They will certainly not want to do without so many potential customers. Therefore Pi Network will very likely be listed on all major crypto platforms right from the start, where many more millions of people will become aware of Pi Network. 

Another brilliant idea is to build a market called PiNetworkMarket on which goods and services can only be paid for with Pi. This market starts before Pi can be exchanged for other currencies. It is expected to be a very large market because the many millions of Pi owners will want to use their Pi. A first value of Pi will already crystallize out there. The mainstream media will probably take notice of it and report it, which can create enormous publicity so that probably more people want Pi. So there can be a great demand for Pi before Pi can even be bought.


For these reasons Pi Network can ignite a real firework on the crypto market and Pi Network can become a real competitor to bitcoin. The better the marketing, the more likely the success. Even bitcoin can be surpassed.

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